CPCS Cranes & Lifting

CPCS Appointed Person – Lifting Operations A61

This course aims to ensure delegates are aware of the appointed person’s responsibilities and how best to fulfil them. Delegates will demonstrate an ability to interpret and apply sections 1, 2, 3 and 4 of the BS 7121 Safe Use of Cranes.

On completion of the course delegates with have sufficient knowledge and information to safely plan lifting operations for mobile cranes on a busy construction site. Delegates will be advised of the necessary managerial and practical considerations in planning lifting operations and will be given the opportunity to put this information into practice during simulated workshop lift planning exercises in the training room.






5 Days

Valid for

2 Years


Supported by CITB grant

About this course

This course is suitable for supervisors and managers with a responsibility for lifting operations and who has sufficient experience specified in British Standard 7121 Safe Use of Cranes.


This programme is delivered using classroom-based tutorials with a high proportion of hands-on demonstrations and practical exercises. Delegates will undertake pre-course
and post-course assessments.


Courses are available at CPCS centres nationally


Successful candidates will achieve a Red CPCS Trained Operator Card valid for two years. During this two year period candidates will need to achieve the relevant plant NVQ that will enable them to upgrade their Red Card to a Blue CPCS Competent Operator Card.

Additional Information

The content of this course includes awareness of periodic examinations of equipment. The course does not provide full training in the maintenance of equipment. Additional training relating to this subject may be of benefit to the delegates and further information is available upon request.

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Entry Requirements

Delegates must have sufficient experience of cranes to meet the requirements as laid out in British Standard 7121 safe use of cranes.

Delegates must have passed the CITB Health, Safety and Environment test for managers no more than two years before attending this course.

It is also important that all delegates who attend this course have a good understanding of spoken and written English.