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The Level 3 NVQ Diploma in Interior Systems – Ceiling Fixing qualification has been developed for delivery in a working environment; this means you need to be employed to study this qualification. It has been designed to develop and recognise your skills, knowledge and competence so that you can work in Interior Systems – Ceiling Fixing within the construction industry or progress onto further learning.

This qualification enables the learner to attain enabling fundamental and transferable practical skills with associated underpinning knowledge. This qualification is available outside of an apprenticeship as the industry deems it necessary and that not all of elements within the Apprenticeship are required.

The Rule of Combination (RoC) below specifies the combination of units that need to be achieved for the individual to be awarded the qualification.

To achieve this qualification a minimum of 78 credits need to be attained. This comprises the 6 mandatory units.

Mandatory Units

  • Conforming to General Health, Safety and Welfare in the Workplace.


    Comply with all workplace health, safety and welfare legislation requirements., Recognise hazards associated with the workplace that have not been previously controlled and report them in accordance with organisational procedures., Comply with organisational policies and procedures to contribute to health, safety and welfare., Work responsibly to contribute to workplace health, safety and welfare whilst carrying out work in the relevant occupational area., Comply with and support all organisational security arrangements and approved procedures.

  • Confirming Work Activities and Resources for an Occupational Work Area in the Workplace


    Identify work activities, assess required resources and plan the sequence of work., Obtain clarification and advice where the resources required are not available., Evaluate the work activities and the requirements of any significant external factors against the project requirements., Identify work activities which influence each other and make the best use of theresources available., Identify changed circumstances that require alterations to the work programme and justify them to decision makers.

  • Co-ordinating and Confirming Dimensional Control Requirements of the Work in the Workplace


    Co-ordinate with and communicate accurate work information to work colleagues., Confirm and measure dimensional controls and maintain them to the specified work requirements., Check and adjust measuring and recording equipment to the specified accuracy., Identify any deviations in dimensional controls and ensure they are corrected in accordance with work requirements., Identify circumstances and conditions that require revision of work practices.

  • Developing and Maintaining Good Occupational Working Relationships in the Workplace


    Develop, maintain and encourage working relationships to promote good will and trust., Inform relevant people about work activities in an appropriate level of detail, with the appropriate level of urgency., Offer advice and help to relevant people about work activities and encourage questions/requests for clarification and comments., Clarify proposals with relevant people and discuss alternative suggestions., Resolve differences of opinion in ways that minimise offence and maintain goodwill, trust and respect.

  • Confirming the Occupational Method of Work in the Workplace


    Assess available project data accurately to determine the occupational method of work., Obtain additional information from alternative sources in cases where the available project data is insufficient., Identify work methods that will make best use of resources and meet project, statutory and contractual requirements., Confirm and communicate the selected work method to relevant personnel.

  • Installing Complex Suspended Ceiling Systems in the Workplace


    The aim of this unit is to illustrate the skills, knowledge and understanding required to confirm competence in installing complex suspended ceiling systems in the workplace within the relevant sector of industry.

Optional Units

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