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CSCS Cards and the Coronavirus Lockdown

Because the current Coronavirus lockdown is preventing construction workers from meeting the CSCS card application requirements, CSCS are asking the construction industry to support the following temporary measures.

  1. Employers and those responsible for site access and card checking procedures to use their discretion towards workers whose CSCS cards have expired since March 2020. All workers MUST ALWAYS hold the correct card for the job they carry out on site. This measure is at the employer’s discretion until the current situation has stabilised.
  2. CSCS has extended the grace period for card renewals after the card has expired from 6 months to 12 months. As a result of this, a card can be renewed up to one year after the card’s expiry date as long as the CITB HS&E test has been passed. This measure will assist those applicants having difficulty finding availability to sit the HS&E test and renew their CSCS card.
  3. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, CITB has launched a temporary ‘Lite’ version of the HS&E test. This is available via an app that can be downloaded from the CITB website. The app is available for Android, iOS and Windows computers.

Please note: The Lite version of the HS&E test is not accepted by CSCS to issue a card, it should only be viewed as a temporary measure for employers who need to determine a worker’s health and safety knowledge.

Visit the CITB website for further details on the ‘LITE’ test and to view the recommended delivery guidelines.

The current Coronavirus pandemic lockdown is an unprecedented situation. Employers should expect their workers to hold a valid CSCS card as proof of their training and qualifications. However, until the situation improves, CITB are asking the construction industry to stand together to support these temporary measures.